The Company

Baking Stories Co® is a brand of the famous Cretan Bakery Tsatsakis S.A. The company began its activities as a family bakery late last Century in the Stavrakia village, near Heraklion, by five brothers of Tsatsakis family.

Over the years business grew by establishing the first factory in 2002 on the 11th klm of Heraklion-Mires National Road in Crete. Baking Stories’ products had a high acceptance by the customers and due to the increased markets demand, just a year later the second factory was established in modern facilities on the 10th klm of Heraklion-Mires National Road in Crete also.

The Company specializes in traditional bakery products (Rusks, Breadsticks, Cookies, Croutons) based on Mediterranean diet. Both factories make products of high quality by using pure ALL NATURAL ingredients, in accordance with the regulations of quality management & food safety management systems. The company is certified with ISO 9001: 2008 & IFS Higher Lever and for Protected Geographical Indication rusks products.

Today the company’s products are sold all over Greece and as well as abroad in countries like Australia, China, South Africa, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Luxemburg etc. Leader Retail companies trust Baking Stories Co® for production of their Private Brands due to our certified quality, state-of-the art production lines and competitive prices.

Kneaded with Greek Cretan Extra Virgin Olive Oil...